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Early Years | Ages 3-5

Welcome to tennis! Our new to China Early Year Programs for 3-5 year old students are brand new programs, with custom equipment, rackets, balls and coaching methods. As apart of our Rainbow Programs, these program give a chance to the young ones to have a taste of sports, focusing on motor skills, coordination and of course fun! And there are fun opportunities for the parents also! The only program where parents can volunteer to participate in the programs, supporting the coaching team and getting involved in the exercises.

This is a brand new program, introduced by SE for the first time in China. And for the first time children aged just 3-5 years old have the chance to get a taste for sports, learn new skills and make friends.

As well as a curriculum focused on general coordination and motor skills, at this age its about learning to follow instructions, understand corrections and feel the improvements.

The lesson takes place on a tennis court or in any open space such as aerobics room or squash courts as there are no nets involved at this point. Many different items of equipment are used to help support the children, keep them focused and allow them to balance alone while hitting, throwing and blocking. They use specialised rackets (15″) or pom do, which is a plastic glove and instead of normal balls; light “beach like” inflatable balls (100% slower than normal tennis balls) and balloons in order to give them more time to swing and therefore more participation.

And, for the Early Year Program only, we allow parents to volunteer to be on court, helping children to follow the exercises and keeping general order during the lesson. This is truly a unique program in China and we look forwards to seeing it grow.

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