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Rainbow White | Ages 5-6

Yes another new program introduced by SPORT | ED. This on is aimed at 5-6 year old and used mini rackets 15″ and 17″ with special large white balls. This program doesn’t use a net but focuses on participation and balance, learning to swing and hit while working with a partner or partners.

This is another brand new program from SE. Aimed at children 5-6 years old, it is one step up from the Early Year Program. For this program the curriculum focuses on movement and change of direction while receiving or hitting a ball. Being able to move your feet while not looking down and focusing on an object (tennis ball) is a key skill needed to go to the next level where rallying with a parter is the main goal of the game.

This program also utilises very special adapted equipment to allow students the time and control to learn the correct technique and skills. The adapted rackets are 17″ and the balls are 26″ white and 95% slower than a normal tennis ball. It is recommended to be rolled on the ground engaging rally activity but it can also bounce nicely with a very soft texture. There is still no net required at this stage of development, but students start to learn how to move the ball around with the rackets, understanding the energy the ball has and how to control it.

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