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Rainbow Green | Ages 9-11

The last in the transition programs before full court and yellow balls. This is such an important program in the player pathway and is even used for adult beginners or top players wanting to work on specific technical changes. Before entering our Junior Programs and once players have mastered their rally skills, we now focus on starting and finishing a point. This means a huge focus on serve, return and a more aggressive court position, using the approach shot, volley and overhead/smash.

Now playing on a full court, with 25″-27″ racket but still using slightly depressurised balls (25% less than a normal tennis ball) allow for greater control and more chance for success. We can start to play full court points with rallies lasting longer thanks to the less pressurised balls. There are many tournaments for players to compete in at this level, run by IFT and USTA and can be taken very seriously.

One thought on “Rainbow Green | Ages 9-11

  1. Rudi Eriksen

    I would like to know if you have any summer tennis program my son Lukas aged 10 could join. Lukas has played regularly for about 2 years, with Sports For Life. Preferably we would prefer he could join your team in Pudong, if available . Also let me know if you besides the holiday programs have regular training for kids on Saturday ?
    Kind regards
    Rudi Eriksen

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