Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Rainbow Orange | Ages 8-9

This program is the first of 2 key transition programs, for 8-9 year olds, before yellow ball and full court programs. And for the first time in our player pathway the balls are the same size as normal yellow tennis balls but less pressurised, meaning slower and easier to control. In this program we want to see players rallying with each other and really starting to control the ball, moving each other around the court and saving the difficult balls, keeping the rally alive.

Now played on a full court, center line to doubles line and slightly shorter than a full court (3/4 court) and with 23″ rackets.The orange balls are 50% slower than normal tennis balls and is perfectly adapted to children 8-9 years old.  Its a very important stage or development and one that is usually overlooked! Ball control is the foundation to tactical fundamentals, without it you can’t implement your game plan.

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