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Rainbow Red | Ages 7-8

This program is designed for children aged 7-8 years old. At this stage of development players have solid stroke technique, understand ball trajectory and are able to move around the court well. Now we start to focus on rallies. Being able to keep a ball going not just with a coach but with each other. This takes good foundation skills which is why its so important to follow the layered development and improve at the right speed.

Played on a mini court, slightly larger than the purple court, using mini rackets (23″) and red balls which are 75% slower than a normal ball and designed to bounce at hip height. Once players have a solid level of rally skills and scoring they can start to compete in mini pop up tournaments that are hosted around Shanghai – ITF & USTA run official tournaments for this level for Under 10 players. The main goal of these tournaments is not winning, but participation, fun and making friends. Competition is all apart of the learning curve and a big part of our curriculum.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Red | Ages 7-8

  1. Kim eunok

    I would like to enroll easter season tennis camp for my daughters,10 yrs and 6yrs.

    Do you use english for lesson?
    Where do you teach kids? I wanna know the address.
    Do you have several level in same age?

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