Saturday, January 18, 2020
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sportED Mini APP


Over the past few months, we’ve been extremely focused on getting our WeChat Mini APP up and running and now we are very happy and proud to announce the launch of our new sportED WeChat Mini APP! Let us give a short introduction of the app and it’s features below!

About | 关于
Company motto: sport meets EDucation! sportED applies this to it’s internal structure. Go to this page to know how.

Register |  注册
The sportED Mini APP is the best place to set up your family account, check tennis program details, register and pay online.

Team | 团队
sportED now has 6 full time and 6 part time coaches. Learn   about their education and experience on this page.

Facilities | 场馆
sportED currently has 4 facilities, and plan to have another big one in 2019! With Mini APP it’s so handy to check the address of each facility at your convenience.

Levels | 课程级别
There are 9 levels with their own curriculum. Surprised? Learn about them in the APP and choose yours!

Camps | 网球营
Every season has it’s fun times! Now you can enroll for the Tennis & Fun Camps online.  Let’s Play!

sportED Mini APP
Set up your family account, check program details, register and pay, follow your child’s progress and communicate with our team.

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