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New Spring Term 2019 Schedule

About Us

sportED is, at it’s core, a tennis sports academy, focusing on providing the very best training services for players aged 3-17 years old. It is also much much more, with new exciting programs never seen in China before and unique philosophies perfect for implementing sports in schools and creating a fun, engaging sports community.

With over 40 years of combined international tennis experience and over 10 in China the sportED philosophy is to combine sport and education, using “school like” structured programs and lesson plans, to ensure well rounded student-athletes.

 Early Years 幼儿网球
3-5 YRS | 3-5岁幼儿Main Focus: General coordination, motor skills & lots of fun.课程重点:协调性,运动技能 & 各种乐趣Price 价格 2880 RMB/term 网球班
White Ball 白色球
5-6 YRS | 5-6岁儿童Focus: Full participation & balance while moving.课程重点:高度参与 & 移动中保持平衡Price 价格 2880 RMB/term 网球班

Purple Ball 紫色球
6-7 YRS | 6-7岁儿童Focus: Basic stroke technique & understanding课程重点:基础技术的技巧 & 理解Price 价格 2880 RMB/term 网球班
Red Ball 红色球
7-8 YRS | 7-8岁儿童Focus: Rally concept & friendly competition.课程重点:拉球的概念 & 友好竞争Price 价格 3240 RMB/term 网球班
Orange Ball 橙色球
8-9 YRS | 8-9岁儿童Focus: Rally stamina and consistency.课程重点:相持能力 & 持续性Price 价格 3240 RMB/term 网球班
Green Ball 绿色球
9-11 YRS | 9-11岁儿童Focus: Starting & finishing a point课程重点:完整得分Price 价格 3240 RMB/term 网球班

Junior Development 青少年基础班
11+ YRS | 11岁及以上Focus: Technical fundemental development.课程重点:技术基础发展Price 价格 7200 RMB/term 网球班
Junior Competition 青少年提高班
11+ YRS | 11岁及以上Focus: Competition & matchplay课程重点:竞争 & 比赛Price 价格 7200 RMB/term 网球班
Junior Performance 青少年精英班
11+ YRS | 11岁及以上
Focus: Performance & results.课程重点:竞技 & 成效Price 价格 8640 RMB/term 网球班 

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