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First days of CNY Camp 2019!

And the Chinese New Year Camp 2019 is here!

During the Monday training kids had an intro to the basics! On the first day our camp curriculum focuses on the basics, the technical fundamentals, giving players the change to play and be pro active as much as possible! Theme includes having a great split step, early take back and perfect contact point as well as good active movement to and from the ball.

During the second day we work on the fundamentals to keep a rally going – baseline game – forehands and backhand, have the right grips and a fast grip change from a srong ready positions, as well as understanding defending, falling and attacking to the correct zones on the court. Consistency is the key – in to win – let’s play!

Now that we understand the different areass on the court and have master the fundamentals to keep the ball in – let’s move up the court to the net. No big swings, fast reactions and simple targets are the key to having a great solid volley. It’s simplest shot easiest stroke in the game and also lots of fun!

Scan the QR Code to join our second week of Chinese New Year Camp 2019!

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