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New sportED Summer Camp!

Summer holiday is coming

Wanna see your kids running and having fun on court?

Wanna see your kids improving their tennis skills?

Wanna see your kids making new friends?


New sportED 2019 Summer Camps are coming

From July 1st until August 23rd

Join us this summer for our Tennis & Fun camps!

@ Hengshan Lu Tennis Center

& Jinguang Lu BISS



Important Tip




sportED has revamped their Summer Camps and have divided their camps into 3 groups. The camps will be hosted at our main facilities – Regal Tennis Center & BISS, with our philosophy of combining Sport and Education while having fun.

Rainbow Fun Camps | Rainbow 

Kids aged 3-7 Yrs

EY, White & Purple Ball

The first camp is aimed at the youngest players who are just starting out in tennis. The team of coaches aim to keep this 3 hour camp (from 10:00-13:00 Monday to Friday) light fun, engaging and educational, mixing on court technical development with off court educational games and team competition (with prizes of course!).

Highlights: 3 hours a day total camp time – the Rainbow Run Camps follow a daily theme to ensure all players have an all-rounded education and experience, based on our 8 key aspects of development and focusing on our main philosophy and coaching method: let’s Play!


Rainbow Tennis Camps | Rainbow Players aged 7-11 Yrs

Red, Oragne & Green Ball

The second level of Summer Camps target the transition ball players who have some experience and are thinking about or have already started to play competition. These full day (09:00-15:00) or half day (09:00-13:00) camps run Monday to Friday and offer on court technical development, tactical fundamentals/matchplay, physical training & testing and time in the mission room where players set goals, analyze matches and compare themselves to the pros in video analysis sessions.

Highlights: 3-5 hours a day total camp time – this year the Rainbow Tennis Camps will include additional time on court, extra physical training and very detailed video analysis sessions taking their tennis training and education to the next level. All the players will set clear goals with the main focus of transitioning onto competitions and/or improving their matchplay skills and results.


Junior Tennis Camps Players aged 11+ 

Junior Programs 

The last of our camps and the most improved are our Junior Tennis Camps designed for serious tennis payers aged 11+ with big aspirations to play school tennis, pro tennis and simply work very very hard and make big improvements. These camps are no joke, full day is 6 hours of training and half day is 4 hours of training, including on court technical development through drills, on court tactical fundamentals and matchplay – including weekly official UTR matches – off court physical conditioning and time in the mission where players set very clear personal goals and analyze in depth match video and pro players technical strengths and weaknesses, giving them the skills to become great players and athletes.

Highlights: 4-7 hours a day total camp time – to begin each week all players will be tested, using official on and off court testing systems (ITN & FMS), and based on these results players will be placed into their relative training groups. Coaches also use these tests to set clear benchmarks each and every week to gauge player development and ensure all players are improving. This is a high performance camp for players with big aspirations and who want to make big improvements.


The summer camps sign up link on sportED mini app coming soon!

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